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13 superb Paris+ stands worth braving the crowds for

8. Andrew Edlin : Discovering Amazing Mystical Artists
Paulina Peavy (1901–1999), Karla Knight (born in 1958): remember their names! This is the first time that these two visionary artists have been exhibited in Europe. Guided by a spiritual entity named Lacamo, the first has been a messenger and witness to extraterrestrial phenomena since 1932 in her writings, paintings and sculptures. Close to Hilma af Klint , this esoteric artist steeped in ancient Egypt reveals herself here through hypnotic kaleidoscopes of bright colors. Also connected to occult forces, Karla Knight delivers strange drawn and embroidered diagrams that mix cryptic symbols and geometric shapes: astonishing! Hidden in an adjacent alcove painted electric blue, you can observe under a magnifying glass a recent work by the legendary Joe Coleman (born in 1955), a former taxi driver who became a delirious preaching artist , whose paintings teeming with details are small virtuoso altars and chaotic. - Florelle Guillaume

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