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Richard Greaves / Mario Del Curto

January 24 – March 4, 2006

Richard Greaves / Mario Del Curto
Richard Greaves / Mario Del Curto
Richard Greaves / Mario Del Curto

An exhibition curated by
Sarah Lombardi and Valérie Rousseau,
of the Société des arts indisciplinés (SAI), Montréal.

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Richard Greaves, installation accompanied by black and white silver gelatin prints of his environments by renowned Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto. The exhibitition will open, in conjunction with the Outsider Art Fair and will run Januarly 24 - March 4, 2006. The opening reception will be January 27th, 7-10pm. To learn more about these artists please click here.

"I really liked old objects…objects that had been used, objects eroded by the force of time… I think of myself as no different: a thing that has been used a lot, that has lived, that has been worn and polished by use and abuse - an intense thing…"

-Richard Greaves
(quotation from the catalogue Richard Greaves. Anarchitect, 2005)

Since 1989, Richard Greaves (b. 1952, Canada) has dedicated himself to the development of a vast architectural environment, located in a forest in the remote Beauce region of Quebec, where he lives. The work, which is in a continuous state of expansion, is composed of some twenty-odd shacks and shelters – derived from abandoned barns Greaves disassembles and brings back to his site - and a series of sculptures put together from a multitude of objects salvaged from the scrap heap. Revelling in the principles of assymetry and the absence of right angles, always seemingly on the point of imminent collapse, these "anarchitectures" stand in open defiance of the laws of gravity and physics.

Mario del Curto (b. 1955, Switzerland) has spent more than twenty years travelling the world, photographing outsider artists and their creations. The exhibition features Del Curto's never-before seen large and medium-sized photographs of the Greaves site. His pictures evoke the strange, unsettling sensations experienced when in first-hand contact with these prodigious constructions.

Accompanying the photographs is an audio environment designed by Stéphane Mercier made from sounds recorded on Greaves' site.

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