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Born 1982 in Issoudun, Indre, France.

Margot is a French self-taught artist. Born and raised in the rural province of Berry, in central France, she worked as a florist before embarking on her artistic pursuits. Her ancestors worked in forests and on farms, and as she recalls, “It was a simple existence, following the seasons–sowing, harvest, crop rotation.” Beginning in 2014, Margot experienced a compulsion to draw in a manner scholar Colin Rhodes describes as “the beginning of releasing everything that had been stored inside for years; a kind of visionary outpouring of images.”

Using Chinese inks, pencils, pastels, ballpoint pens, and at times oil paint, Margot likes to work in large format. At first glance, Margot’s compositions look like geometric abstractions. But upon closer inspection, hybridized figures, part-human and part-botanical float to the surface, redolent of self-taught artist Guo Fengyi.

Margot’s work was recently featured in two exhibitions at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and in the 2020 show ladies-brut at galerie gugging in Austria. Her art is held in the permanent collections of the American Folk Art Museum (New York), the College of Psychic Studies (London), and the Museum Montanelli (Prague). She is the subject of the 2019 monograph Windows onto the Infinite: Margot by Colin Rhodes. Margot’s Cosmic Sanctuary is produced in collaboration with Henry Boxer Gallery, London.


otherwordly, galerie gugging, Klosterneuburg,  AT 
Margot's Cosmic Sanctuary, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY
Strange Things Among Us, College of Psychic Studies, London, UK
Cabinet of Mysteries, Museum Montanelli, Prague, Czech Republic

Ladies Brut, Galerie Gugging Nina Katschning, Austria
Monochromatic Minds: Lines of Revelation, Candid Arts Trust Center, London, UK

A Unique Vision, Orleans House Museum & Gallery, Galerie Henry Boxer, London, UK
Art & Spirit : Visions of Wonder, College of Psychic Studies, London, UK


American Folk Art Museum, New York, NY  
The College of Psychic Studies, London, UK
MUMO, Museum Montanelli, Prague, Czech Republic
MNMU, Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art, Jagodina, Serbia


Rhodes, Colin, Windows onto the Infinite: Margot Henry Boxer Gallery, London, 2019.
2018, Magazine Artension


2017 - 2018 MNMU Jagodina Serbia
2018 Musée Galerija Likovnih Trebnje Slovenia

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