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Frieze Fun! all over Chelsea!

"Among works by deceased artists, Ed Clark and Beverly Buchanan stood out for their hues and compositional dynamic. Clark’s Ying and Yang, 1989, is a play on yin and yang, the feminine/masculine concepts in zen. At $800,000, it had sold along with all of White Cube’s other art offerings at Frieze. Beverly Buchanan’s Dataw Island, SC, 1993, at the Andrew Edlin Frieze booth, was huts in the grass—a reminder that home and earth are among our most primitive needs. And, to drive that home, Jerry The Marble Faun, an artist, created Vic, in limestone; this piece seemed chill at NADA and is an interesting example of the range of genders, genres, and media at all of the fairs."

- Jan Castro

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