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Cosmic Inspiration: Paulina Peavy and Karla Knight

Paulina Peavy and Karla Knight
Cosmic Inspiration
Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

Very early in my career as a painter, I saw strange shapes developing under my brush. I then told myself that I had connected to a vast and wonderful power. Thus Paulina Peavy describes her inspiration, coming, she says, from a being belonging to another world. From the 1920s until her death in 1999, the Californian never stopped capturing in her paintings these light beams and atomic flashes coming from elsewhere. An undisputed expert in outsider art, and founder of the Outsider Art Fair which fizzled in Paris but continues in New York, Andrew Edlin puts the author of the (unpublished) manuscript The Story of My Life with a UFO in dialogue with New Yorker Karla Knight and her paintings from the Spaceship series, full of fascinating diagrams. Ready for takeoff?

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