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The Many Faces of Bill Arning

July 22 – August 28, 2020

The Many Faces of Bill Arning
The Many Faces of Bill Arning
The Many Faces of Bill Arning
The Many Faces of Bill Arning
The Many Faces of Bill Arning
The Many Faces of Bill Arning

The Many Faces of Bill Arning
July 22 – August 28, 2020
Organized by Scott Hug

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition celebrating the sixtieth  birthday of Bill Arning. The exhibit will feature over one hundred pieces of mailed in art by many of the artists who Arning has come to know during his illustrious career.

Since he became the director White Columns in 1984, Bill Arning has been one of the most recognizable faces in the contemporary art world. The East Village gallery scene, with its seedy, fun-focused nightlife, had already provided a safe haven for Bill's manic energy and sense of humor. He had a four-year run as a teenage punk rocker, playing in the band The Student Teachers, at CGBGs and Max's Kansas City. When the band broke up, Arning became an early club kid, mounting art shows at Danceteria and performing in pop-up shows at The Mudd Club. 

Under his directorship from 1984-1996, White Columns became a top NYC showcase for artists. Adventuresome and passionate, Arning visited a thousand working artists' exhibitions and studios over these thirteen years. By his generous efforts, he achieved a kind of art world sainthood. Soon after, Arning started writing for The Village VoiceTime Out, and Art in America, where he developed a reputation as an artist-centered critic.


In 2000, to the surprise of many, Arning, the quintessential New Yorker who had never driven a car, became the chief curator of the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, MA. He stayed for nine years. His next stop was another nine-year stint directing the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston. In both Boston and Houston, Arning identified and promoted the work of premier artists from those regions. In 2019, he returned to private practice, organizing shows for artists he cares about at almost any kind of venue - from a shed outside Manchester, UK to a garage-turned-alternative-space in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Throughout each phase of his career, Arning has focused his energies on artists, showcasing their works for better public understanding. The works exhibited in this project serve as homages from many of the artists whose lives and works he has touched.

Participating Artists:
Rajab Ali Sayed
D-L Alvarez
David Aylsworth
JJ Baker
Nick Barbee
Debra Barrera
Tad Beck
Matthew Benedict
Chris Bernsten
Michael Bilsborough
Rhona Bitner
Chris Bogia
Kathe Bradford
Eric Brown
Petah Coyne
Anthony Cudahy
Thedra Cullar-Ledford
Gabriel Dawe
Lucky DeBellevue
Grey Dey
Cheryl Donegan
Thomas Dozol
Alton DuLaney
Elmgreen & Dragset
Russell Etchen
Steven Evans
Skylar Fein
Benjamin Fredrickson
Pio Galbis
Wayne Gilbert
James Gobel
Kenneth Goldsmith
Jeff Grant
Elliot Green
Daniel Greenfield Campoverde
Amir Guberstein
Brian Guidry
Sunil Gupta
Richard Haines
Erik Hanson
Roberta Harris
Joseph Havel
Rachel Hecker
Jamil Hellu + Darrin Martin
Frank Holliday
Wes Holloway
Scott Hug
Sam Jablon
Terrell James
Butt Johnson
Darren Jones
John Jurayj
Wayne Koestenbaum
Peter Krashes
Scooter LaForge
Sean Landers
Laura Lark
Kevin Larmon
Paul Lee
Erik Levine
Ian Lewandowski
Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
Virgil Marti
Gabriel Martinez
Keith Mayerson
Robert Melee
Shellabarger & Miller
Darren Lee Miller
Marilyn Minter
Paul Moreno
Rebecca Morris
Joe Mama Nitzberg
Sean O'Connor
Jack Pierson
Mark Ponder
Brett Reichman
Eric Rhein
Paul Rizzo
Kay Rosen
Lancelot Runge
Rafael Santiago
Eric Schnell
Rusty Scruby
David Shaw
Robert Siegelman
Adam Simon
Aaron Skolnick
Paul C. Smith
Michael St. John
James Swain
Marc Swanson
Stephen Truax
Johannes VanDerBeek
Ramon Vega
Anthony Viti
David Waddell
Michael Walden
Dan Walsh
Suara Welitoff
Doug Welsh
Erik Daniel White
Andrew Witkin
Brian Zink


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