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Remembrance and Ritual: Jewish Folk Artists of Our Time

May 8 – June 7, 2003

Albert Hoffman

Albert Hoffman

Malcah Zeldis, Seder

Malcah Zeldis


Bernard Goodman, Atomic Clock

Bernard Goodman

Atomic Clock

Malcah Zeldis, Anne & Annex

Malcah Zeldis

Anne & Annex

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to present Remembrance and Ritual: Jewish Folk Artists of Our Time, a group exhibit of painting and sculpture by eight contemporary American outsider artists of Jewish descent. Show dates are May 8 - June 7, 2003. This marks the second such titled exhibit-the first one was presented at Makor Gallery in the spring of 2001- and will be exhibited bienially.

The exhibit will include the art of Aaron Birnbaum, Paul Edlin, Etta Ehrlich, Bernard Goodman, Paul Graubard, Albert Hoffman, Rudy Rotter, and Malcah Zeldis. Their imagery ranges from the overtly Jewish themes of Zeldis’ paintings Seder, Job, and Canal Street and Hoffman’s powerful wood carved reliefs Ten Commandments and Fear Not , to Edlin’s mystical stamp collages Jonah’s Sister and Twin Dreams and Goodman’s lush peopled landscaspe paintings Boat Race and Panorama.

Ehrlich, Goodman, Graubard, and Rotter are newcomers to the gallery. A 71 year old practicing psychologist, Ehrlich uses unusual and often antique bottles as the home for text messages. Me Against Me, a message applied onto the tattered surface of an old bottle, or Each Time We Judge Ourselves We Break Our Own Heartreflect her life’s work connecting psychology and Eastern thought and meditation.

Zeldis, Hoffman, Edlin, and Birnbaum are represented in many public collections such as The American Folk Art Museum, The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum of Folk Art, The Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Collection de L’Art Brut in Lausanne, among others.

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