Adolf Wölfli

Adolf Wölfli, (1864-1930), is a major figure of Art Brut. He was born to an extremely poor family in Bowil, Switzerland and moved to Bern that same year. He was raised solely by his mother, after his alcoholic father left them. Wölfli attended school sporadically until the age of nine when he began to work as a goatherd. His mother died and his custody was passed between a variety of families. Wölfli earned his living as a woodcutter, farmhand and laborer.

In 1889, he was arrested for assault and spent two years in prison. Upon his release, Wölfli committed another offense and was interned, at the age of thirty-one, in Waldau hospital, near Bern, Germany, where he remained until his death in 1930. At Waldau, Wölfli took up drawing, writing and composing, working from morning to night for the next thirty years. His work attracted the interest of Dr. Walter Morgenthaler, who wrote a monograph about him. Wölfli's oeuvre is vast consisting of twenty-five thousand pages of graphic compositions, musical scores and literary works.


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